The survey results so far show that 2,609 Australians are taking 59,665 safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!
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One Person Can needs regional helpers!

Can you spare a little time? Would you like to be the One Person Can helper in your local area?

Imagine a time in which practically everyone is very aware that climate change threatens us all and we are all doing everything possible to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Climate-friendly government policies become inevitable because the voices of millions of householders carry more weight than the voices of self-interested lobbyists. Unsustainable industries are replaced by climate-friendly ones simply because people choose to buy only sustainable products. In such a society, everyone would know that their individual actions and voices are making a difference because they can SEE that everyone else is taking similar actions. Visibility of climate-related actions might not be the only pre-requisite for a shift to such a culture, but without wide visibility it would not be possible.

Hopefully a variety of means will increase the visibility of safe-climate actions. One Person Can attempts to do so by providing a survey of safe-climate actions and graphs showing the results so far. For these mechanisms to "work", ideally everyone will be invited to take the survey, and everyone will see the accumulating results. To achieve that, One Person Can relies partly on word-of-mouth and social media, but it also asks for the support of organisations that already have channels of communication that reach large numbers of householders. When requesting support, it helps if the person asking is local and/or has some sort of personal connection. Would you like to help One Person Can by championing the project in your local area?

Things you might do

  • Talk to either a Councillor or the Environment Officer at your local council or shire and ask them to promote the survey to local residents and publicise its results.
  • Talk to your local State and/or Federal MP and ask them to publicise the survey and its results within their electorate, perhaps via the newsletters they already send to all local residents.
  • If you or someone you know is a member of any sort of local organisation, you might ask if they'd like to help out by asking all their members to take the One Person Can survey. They would ask members to nominate them as the referring organisation when they take the survey, and would have their own separate result graphs showing the climate-friendly actions of their members. You might suggest this option to a school community, a sporting association, a community group, a university department, a professional association, a hobby group, or any sort of group at all. Helping organisations will be acknowledged on the Friends page.
  • Same as above, but for companies. Companies who want to help would ask their staff or their customers (or both) to take the survey. They would have their own result graphs and be acknowledged on the Friends page.

I originally had not thought of asking for people to volunteer as regional helpers, but a supporter from NSW recently put up his hand to take on the promotion of the project within his area of Sydney. This is wonderful! With a network of similar helpers all over the country, ideally one in every council/shire area, One Person Can could quickly become huge, and have a real chance of quickly building an effective level of response to climate change. Of course anyone who shares the One Person Can vision can help by doing any of the above independently, but a network of helpers keeping in touch and helping each other would be better.

If you would like to help, please email me and we'll see what evolves!

Take care and stay safe!