The survey results so far show that 2,611 Australians are taking 59,703 safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!
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You can boycott coal by buying renewable energy!

Government and industry don't hold all the cards. The collective purchasing power of householders can be a powerful force. IF we all refuse to buy fossil-fuel power, and instead install solar PV and/or buy Green Power, coal will remain in the ground.

Sure, some households genuinely cannot afford solar PV or Green Power (but many other safe-climate actions cost little or nothing), and some householders don't yet think climate change is real, but if everyone else chose to buy renewable energy, we could reach something like 50% renewable energy use by households. We ordinary householders have the power to achieve at least that much, regardless of what policies governments choose to set!

Already 500,000 households have solar panels, and 750,000 households buy Green Power. The Green Power figure in particular is impressive! A massive 750,000 households choose to pay more for their electricity despite no promises of personal financial benefit. Why? The only logical reason is that they place a very high priority on a safe-climate future and budget accordingly.

For householders to recognise their collective power to reduce emisions via their actions and purchasing choices, however, they really do need to SEE the mass action that is already happening. We can't feel inspired to use our collective power if we don't know we have it, and we don't know we have collective power unless we see we have the numbers.

If you have installed solar panels and/or buy Green Power, please don't be modest. Take every opportunity to make those actions visible so we can all see how powerful householders' choices can be!