The survey results so far show that 2,611 Australians are taking 59,703 safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!
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"But what can one person do?", perhaps said with a worried look or a small apologetic smile, is a fairly common reaction to warnings about climate change. The One Person Can project began as one person's attempt to change that. This project provides mechanisms for giving a high degree of visibility to the safe-climate actions that all sorts of individuals are already taking, so that we need never again think that one person's actions don't count.

I am an ordinary householder, living in the northern suburbs of Adelaide (South Australia), and juggling work, family, and the desire to "do something" about global warming. All sorts of people have helped shape this project by contributing suggestions and feedback. Even suggestions that originally did not appear helpful have ended up being woven into the project in some form and adding strength to the whole. It's been fascinating to see the project evolve, almost as if it has a life of its own!

I firmly believe that one person can achieve a lot. Certainly every "one person" can achieve enough simply by eliminating and/or compensating for their own carbon emissions. But ironically, the One Person Can project needs the help of many individuals to make everyone's safe-climate actions visible. Please help this project succeed!

You might like to submit a blog post, a story, or a group profile. You might sign up a group or association as a participating group. You could ask your local council/shire or MP to help give local visibility to the results of our survey of safe-climate actions. You might arrange for everyone at your workplace to take the survey, perhaps for a particular occasion such as Environment Week. If you have other ideas, or if you want to help in some way, please get in touch.

Science tells us our climate is already warming and that our future is grim unless we act now. It tells us what we need to do - reduce our carbon emissions - and how quickly we need to do it (immediately if not sooner). Science has already developed the tools we need: renewable energy technology, electric vehicles, low-energy buildings, and more. Perhaps future science might give us new or better tools, but we already have enough tools to get the job done.

The One Person Can project is not affiliated with any particular environmental group or political party. It is for everyone.

Take care and stay safe!