The survey results so far show that 2,611 Australians are taking 59,703 safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!
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Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy and do not divulge anything that identifies you without your permission. You might choose to identify yourself when submitting a group profile, a story, a blog post, an event announcement, or other information, but we do not publish individually identified survey answers or identify survey participants.

The survey results we publish are derived from the totals from all users. We record your survey answers so that we can add your answers to those totals, and we record the information you enter during registration so that we can sort your answers correctly.

We don't need to know who you are, but our database does need to know which survey answers are yours so that you can come back and update your survey answers or user settings if anything changes. Our database uses your email address as an ID for storing your answers. When you are logged in you can see your previous answers on the screen, but other users cannot see your answers.

We will not give, sell, or lease your email address to anyone else. We might use your email address to contact you in the unlikely event that we need to resolve an error, but generally we will only contact you if the email preferences you set during registration give us permission to do so. You may change your email preferences at any time by logging in and editing your settings, or be sending us an email.

We automatically record information that your browser sends whenever visiting a website, which may include details of your IP address, browser type and language, time of visit, cookie information, and your navigation of our website. We look at this information from time to time in order to see usage patterns and improve this website, but we do not disclose personally identifiable information to anyone else unless required to do so by law.