The survey results so far show that 2,611 Australians are taking 59,703 safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!
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The Science

Climate science tells us that the planet is already getting dangerously warm. As a result, normal weather events like droughts, floods, bushfires, and cyclones are becoming more extreme than they would otherwise be.

At the current level of international government commitment to reducing carbon emissions, climate models project that the world will be 4°C hotter than pre-industrial times sometime between 2060 and 2100.

At 4° hotter, many parts of the world would be uninhabitable, and the planet would only be able to support about half a billion people. (David Spratt, 2011, 4 degrees hotter)


This is seriously scary stuff. Some of us let climate change deniers convince us that climate science is somehow flawed, perhaps because the prospect of a 4° hotter world is too scary to contemplate. Do we cross our fingers and hope the climate scientists are wrong? Are we willing to risk experiencing a 4°C hotter world if they are right? I, for one, do not want to take that risk.

For those not directly affected by droughts or floods, our current climate might seem relatively okay, but not so in some parts of the world. Extreme weather events, food and water shortages, and extreme temperatures are already responsible for much misery and death. This is not just a future problem. It is now. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere is already too high!

To achieve a safe climate we need to reduce carbon emissions immediately, achieve zero emissions very rapidly, and then "go carbon negative" by absorbing carbon that is already in our atmosphere.

We are working on these steps right now! The results graphs from our survey show examples of the things many individuals and households are doing to reduce emissions. Those actions include telling our politicians that we want the major changes in government policies that will be needed to reach zero emissions, such as replacing our coal-fired power stations with renewable energy plants. To draw down excess carbon from our atmosphere, individuals are planting trees and asking for protection for old-growth forests.

It is up to us. We can do this....if we really want to....if we think we really need to....and if we know that our efforts are not wasted because we can see that many, many other people are also doing their share. They are! The purpose of this project is to make all those safe climate actions widely visible.

Take our survey and give visibility to the actions YOU are taking!