So far many Australians have told us of safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!    Help us find them
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21. Does your household use a water-efficient washing machine (or no washing machine)?

Conserving water might not relate directly to a safe climate, but if we want to grow our own food and plant carbon-absorbing trees we need enough water for that. Households in the drier parts of Australia might also want to have water-efficiency measures in place in preparation for a possibly drier future.

A washing machine with a 5-star rating is significantly more water-efficient than one with 3 stars. When you next need to buy a new one, go to savewater for water efficiency (and energy efficiency) ratings for washing machines. In addition, if you use cold water for most loads of washing, you are avoiding the carbon emissions caused by heating water.

22. Does your household make sure no taps are dripping?

A dripping tap can waste around 2 litres of water every hour, and fixing a dripping tap is often a simple and inexpensive DIY task. There is a video tutorial showing how to replace a tap washer at savewater.


23. Does your household have a dual-flush toilet (or waterless toilet)?

An old-style single flush toilet can use up to 12 litres of water in one flush, whereas water efficient dual flush toilets average less than four litres. If you don't have a dual flush toilet, or even if you do, you can save water by placing a bucket in the shower to catch the initial flow of cold water, and then use that water to flush the toilet.


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