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1. Does your household have solar panels or a wind turbine?

How many people's electricity use is covered by your renewable energy?
For example, if you generate enough electricity for almost all of the household's electricity use and your household has 4 people, enter 4. If you generate a bit more than half your household's use, enter 2, etc.

Electricity consumption is generally the largest component of a household's carbon footprint. If you answered "Yes" to either (1) or (2), you are already reducing your carbon emissions significantly! You are increasing the amount of electricity Australia produces from renewable sources and decreasing the amount from coal and gas.

At 2011 prices, a 1.5 kW solar system costs around $9,000 (less after the value of STCs is deducted). That investment will pay for itself by reducing or eliminating subsequent electricity bills. The payback time ranges from around 5 years to 20+ years, depending on the current feed-in tariff that applies in your state and how much electricity you are feeding back into the grid. See the Alternative Technology Association's payback time estimates for your area. The Clean Energy Council publishes a consumer guide and list of accredited installers.

2. Does your household purchase Green Energy?

How many people's electricity use is covered by the Green Energy?
For example, if you buy 100% Green Energy and there are 3 people in your household, enter 3. If you buy 25% Green Energy, enter 1. If you buy 50% Green Energy, round up to 2.

Buying Green Energy requires no initial outlay, and is a good alternative if your roof is too shaded for solar panels or if you are renting. Green Energy costs around 6 cents per kWh more than electricity sourced from coal, but if you also take measures that reduce your consumption (other actions in this survey), your electricity bill might stay about the same. The GreenPower website shows accredited Green Energy suppliers. Click the suppliers' logos to go to their websites for their current price details.

Household electricity-related emissions are actually the easiest to eliminate - if we choose to spend some of our money on achieving a safer climate and less on other things. If that's not possible, however, there are plenty of actions in this survey that cost nothing.



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