So far many Australians have told us of safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!    Help us find them
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3. How many household members make efforts to switch off unnecessary lights (or an adult does it for them)?   

Switching off a light when you no longer need it is by far the easiest and quickest climate-friendly action anyone can take.

You perhaps remember hearing that compact fluorescent lights use little electricity once they are on, but that switching them on consumes a lot. In fact, the amount consumed by switching on a CFL bulb is only about the same as leaving it on for a few minutes. Even if you have CFL bulbs, it's best to switch lights off.

4. How many household members avoid leaving devices in standby mode (or an adult does it for them), or use no devices that have a standby mode?

The power consumed by devices left in standby mode can account for up to 10% of your electricity-related emissions.

On many televisions, DVD players, computers, printers, and similar devices, pressing the "Off" button switches to a standby mode rather than switching the device off completely. You can check the power consumption in standby and "sleep" modes from your product manuals, but the simplest way to ensure you are not wasting electricity is to switch devices off at the wall.

5. How many household members ask MPs to support renewable energy?

Governments are unlikely to spend much public money on supporting domestic or commercial-scale renewable energy generation unless MPs know that large numbers of Australians want that. Perhaps you can't afford solar panels or Green Energy, but you can make an equally important contribution to a safer climate by asking MPs to spend tax dollars on renewable energy. Think of this action as being a carbon offset action!

You can visit your MP, make a phone call, or write an email or letter. It's best to talk about a specific issue. One possible topic is the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan. This is a thoroughly researched and costed 10-year plan which would enable Australia to meet 100% of its electricity for stationary uses from renewable sources using existing proven technology.


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