So far many Australians have told us of safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!    Help us find them
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12. Does your household have solar hot water or similar?

Installing a solar hot water system can reduce carbon emissions by up to 4 tonnes of CO2 per year (equivalent to taking one car off the road). For details about solar hot water systems, see Solar Hot Water. See Sustainability Rebates for information about solar hot water (and other) rebates.

13. Does your household have energy-efficient lighting? (e.g., compact fluorescent light bulbs)

A 75W incandescent light left on for 24 hours uses 1.8 kWh of electricity. A CFL that provides equivalent light uses around 0.4 kWh in 24 hours. If your windows don't provide sufficient natural light, you might be able to avoid daytime use of lights by installing a skylight. See Lighting for detailed information on choosing energy-efficient lighting.


14. Does your household compensate for emissions from unavoidable gas use? (e.g., carbon offsets, planting trees, etc.)

Many of us use gas rather than electricity for hot water, cooking, and heating. If you are trying to eliminate your carbon emissions entirely (become carbon neutral), you could buy carbon offsets to compensate for gas (and any other) emissions that you cannot avoid.

Money spent on buying offsets is used for things like planting trees and building new renewable energy capacity. See Carbon Offset Guide Australia for more information and a guide to providers.

Or, a possibly better way of compensating for unavoidable emissions is to take "offset actions" yourself. Offset actions are anything that you do towards a safer climate beyond what you do to reduce your own emissions. For example, you might plant trees on your own property or elsewhere, or talk to your MP about renewable energy and public transport. You might invest in a solar or wind project, join a climate action group, or ring talk-back radio when anything relevant to climate change is being discussed. You could even just make and wear a One Person Can T-shirt and encourage others to take our survey - we hope you will!



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