So far many Australians have told us of safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!     Help us find them
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The above navigation bar shows you where you are in the survey. You can use this bar to jump directly to any part of the survey if you want to look at the questions and information panels before taking the survey, or want to check answers you have already saved.

Saving your answers: When you are answering the survey questions, please use the "Save and Next" buttons at the bottom of each page to step through the survey in sequence. If the save button is not clicked before leaving a page, any selections or changes you have made on that page will be lost.

Registration/Login: You don't need to register or log in to view the survey questions and corresponding information panels, but please register and log in before you answer the questions.

Time required: This survey contains 40 short questions. You will need about 10 minutes to answer the questions - perhaps more if you read all the information panels.

Updating answers: If you have previously submitted survey answers, when you log in you will see the answers you saved last time. You can answer any questions you missed last time, or change answers to reflect your current actions, but please do not change the displayed answers unless your actions have changed. When you save your answers this time, they should show everything you are still doing and also anything new you are doing. Remember to click the save button at the bottom of any pages where you make changes.

What does that question mean? If you are not sure what a question means, look at the information panel to the right of that question.

Not sure what to answer? Just enter the answer that fits best. For example,if you make efforts to take a particular action and succeed more often than not, that's a "Yes". (There's a "Not sure" option if you really can't decide.)

Counting actions: Questions like "Do you have good ceiling/roof insulation?" apply to your entire household, so if you answer Yes and your household has 4 people, we count that as 4 people having good insulation. For questions about individual behaviour, such as switching off unnecessary lights, we ask how many household members do that. This gets a bit tricky for households with very young children. For example, a toddler can't switch lights off, but if an adult takes care of that on behalf of the child, then please include that child in the number of household members who are not using unnecessary lights.

This survey is not a test! The survey is not designed to give your household an environmental score or rating. It is designed simply to give you a way of giving visibility to whatever beneficial actions you do take. We count how many people take an action, not how many don't! Besides, a number of the questions are not applicable for everyone, or in every climate, and some questions are mutually exclusive. For example, if you ride a bike to work, then you'll probably answer "Yes" to the question about bike riding, but answer "No" to the question about using public transport for commuting. Everyone will have some "No" answers even if they are doing everything "right"!

What you do, not why: We want to know what you do, not why you do it. For example, you might take a particular action because it saves you money, but it has the same environmental benefits regardless of your reason, so tick the "Yes" box.

Who can take the survey? Everyone! Maybe you've been taking some of the surveyed actions for years for reasons that have nothing to do with climate change, or maybe you are very focused on reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible. We want to hear from all types of people.

Information panels: If you wish, you can ignore the information panels and simply answer the questions - after all our main purpose here is making your current actions visible rather than urging you to do more. However, for people looking for ways to further reduce emissions, these panels indicate the benefits of particular actions and give tips and links related to those actions.

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