So far many Australians have told us of safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!    Help us find them
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30. How many household members ride a bike, walk, or ride in a pusher or similar for short trips?

If you do manage to walk or ride a bike for short trips you are doing better than most of us! It's not as easy as it sounds - if it's raining, or if it's not a safe place to walk/ride after dark (please take the car if it's not safe!), or if the shopping would be too heavy, etc. If that sounds like you, an alternative strategy is to multi-task your car trips by doing your grocery shopping, for example, on the way home from somewhere else.

31. How many household members talk to MPs about transport issues? (e.g., asking for better public transport, support for an Australian electric car industry, etc.)

Massive amounts of car-related carbon emissions are inevitable until we get much better public transport and an Australian electric car industry. These are two of the big changes that will only happen if politicians make appropriate policy and funding decisions.

If enough of us ask for these changes, perhaps we can convince our MPs that they need to spend much more on public transport, and also kick-start an electric car industry, in order to earn our vote.

32. How many household members avoid flying and/or buy carbon offsets when they do (or an adult does it for them)?

Flying 1,000 km generates 180 kg of carbon emissions. What's more, carbon (and other) emissions are thought to be three times more damaging at cruising altitudes than at ground level. A return trip between London and New York causes twice as much damage as the average car causes in a year!

If you can't avoid travel, a train that delivers you straight to the destination CBD might be an option. Or, you could buy carbon offsets. The Carbon Offset Guide Australia lists accredited offset providers and shows how they use your offset money (renewable energy, trees, etc.).

Or, why not be creative? For example, if you normally treat your family to an annual holiday that involves air travel, you might decide to have a holiday at home - perhaps visiting all the local attractions that you can get to by public transport. You might then decide to spend the money you saved on buying solar panels as your own personal form of offset for previous air travel. We'd love to hear about your ideas for creative offsets in Our Blog!


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