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36. How many household members buy only things that are really needed (or an adult does this for them)?

The embedded energy in the things we buy will cease to be an issue if/when Australia sources all its electricity from renewable sources and no longer uses oil-based fuel for transport. In the meantime, the quickest and easiest way to reduce consumption of embedded energy is simply to buy less. If we don't need it, don't buy it! If we do need it, buy a good quality item that won't need to be replaced for many years.

37. How many household members buy locally manufactured goods, even if they cost more (or an adult does this for them)?

When we need to buy something, we can reduce the emissions associated with transporting goods by buying Australian made items. It is a bizarre fact of current reality that it is often cheaper to buy imported items than locally made ones, but what will happen when oil shortages start hitting hard? We'll probably wish we had been buying from local manufacturers and helping to keep them viable.

If we are buying only what we really need, then we probably can afford to buy local products even if they do cost more. You can search for products made in Australia at Australian Made. If you search "footwear", for example, you might be alarmed at how dependent on imports we have become for some ordinary essential items.

38. How many household members drive (or usually ride in) a fuel-efficient car, or rarely travel by car?

In many parts of Australia, cars are almost essential, and electric cars are not yet an option. For the moment, the best we can do is to leave the car at home as much as possible, drive it in a manner that minimizes fuel consumption, and give priority to fuel-efficiency when purchasing a car. Go to Green Vehicle Guide to compare car fuel consumptions. For driving habits that help you use less fuel, see Green Motoring.


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